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Switzerland’s prosperity depends largely on the country’s integration in the global export markets. Swiss Trade highlights the importance of international trade for Switzerland’s business success. It provides status reports from ongoing trade negotiations, implementation of existing free trade agreements and its benefits to Swiss business in their operations abroad.

Swiss Trade also introduces tools and partners for companies entering new markets. Well known Swiss entrepreneurs, chamber and other trade associations representatives with expert knowledge in various fields and markets discuss best practice in expanding business internationally.

SwissCham, the Association of Swiss Foreign Trade Chambers, is a private sector organization promoting Swiss exports. SwissCham’s 50 bilateral chamber members together with partnering trade associations provide a network of professionals supporting Swiss economic presence abroad.

Purpose: SwissCham publishes Swiss Trade to strengthen foreign trade relations and to promote public awareness of their importance.

Target audience: The export oriented businessmen and -women in Switzerland and abroad, the business community in general and the political decision makers.

Distribution: Swiss Trade is distributed to the management of export companies, the network of 50 bilateral chambers of commerce, cantonal chambers of commerce, displayed at trade associations and Swiss Embassies around the world and published in Bilanz on 4th of November 2016. Furthermore the magazine is published online at which is distributed to the target audience through social media and article sharing.